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Good results…

My 11 year old Lab has been taking Zest & Pep for 12months+, if she could talk I’m sure she’d tell me that her joints ache much less. She can certainly keep up with her 7 year old daughter & 3 year old granddaughter, and loves sprints around the park.

For my 3 legged 13 year old Jack Russel this supplement has him running around like a puppy, they really work for him.

Has made slight improvement.

Have been using this for a month now on both my collie's & I can honestly say there is a slight improvement in their teeth. Will continue to use .

Dog was limping

My dog had a limp in his front paw, probably since he was a pup. He almost 4 years old now and the limp is gone. We give him the pills with his food in the evening.

We will see on the long run

We’ve got this as our 10 months old pup seems strange. Every time we lift her or she sits down, we could hear her leg bones cracking. She’s very very active doggo (poodle). We have another dog, age 4 but since she never had this issue, we never tried any joint supplements before, so not sure what to expect or how long we should wait to see results.
But what I’ve noticed after about 2 weeks of using, that I heard her bones cracking slightly less, while before I’ve heard daily multiple times. But we will see on the long run how effective it is.
The tables are coming in a resealable bag with 120 normal sized oval shaped tablets, which has a perforation in the middle to break it easier. The recommended dose is on the bag. For our 8kg dog is half a tablet/day. Easy to cut the pills and it’s supposed to be in chicken flavour. No idea about it, but our dog loves her tummy, so she just wolfed it down with no issues. This bag provides 8 months of joint supply for our puppy, which is perfect as by that time, we could just move to the adult version of joint supply.
I suppose the real effect won’t be visible just now, maybe on the long run when our doggo won’t have joint issues. But the less bone cracking is definitely a good sign.

Very Good

I give these to my 2 year old golden doodle every day, without any problem. My older terrier has the adult version.
She seems to think of them as a tasty treat and they barely touch the sides! You can see the anticipation in her face in the photo.
I’m conscious that with her being a larger dog she may experience hip issues later in life and so I use these as a preventative measure.
I love that there’s no nasties or fillers in them and that they are manufactured in the UK.
Worth every penny in my opinion.
Would recommend.

Finally a supplement my dog likes!

This product is AMAZING!
My Dog literally think they’re TREATS!
he loves them! I will 💯 be getting them again!

Good ingredients, easy to give to the dog, so definitely worth a try.

I've ordered this Zest & Pep Hip & Joint Supplements for Dogs for my border collie to support her joints, especially hips.

Suplement arrived in the resealable bag with 120 tablets in it.
My dog weight is 18kg, so I will give her 2 tablets daily, so this pack should last me for about 2 months.

Tablets are chicken flavoured, so my dog eats them well without much of encouraging.

Based on the ingridients - glucosamine, turmeric, omega 3, green lipped mussel etc., it is a great supplement to maintain healthy joints.

Well priced, nice packaging/presentation, good ingredients, easy to give to the dog, so definitely worth a try.

Good for breeds that could have future joint/hip problems

I really loved the packaging of this supplement, it was very professional and well thought out. Inside was the supplement package, again lovely packaging which made me feel confident giving it to my puppy. The supplement came in pill form which I cut in half for my pup's size and crushed up, putting it in yoghurt. She wasn't the greatest fan of it but I just kept adding more yoghurt and it was eventually gone. Giving hip/joint supplements for breeds that could have problems with that later in life can help reduce the risk.

Excellent ingredients, well priced, easy to give to the dog.

I like ingredients of this Zest & Pep Hip & Joint Supplements for Dogs - glucosamine, green lipped mussel, excellent mix for the dog joints.

My dog struggling with her back legs, they are getting stiff, so I hope this suplement will help her.

There were 120 tablets in the pack.
My dog is quite fussy eater, but I'm lucky that she eats these tablets like treats.

Excellent ingredients, well priced, easy to give to the dog, so I would happily recommend them.

Loves them

My 4 year old beagle loves them!! No problems getting her to take them as they are flavoured! She seems to recover after a hilly walk quicker! Glad I have them to keep her fit

Good value for 120 tablets

Beautiful packaging for this joint supplement. I checked the ingredients and as far as I can see these tablets contains everything that the leading brand tablets do but these ones also contain extra ingredients like turmeric, which is proven to be a great anti inflammatory.

They are absolutely brilliant value for 120 tablets compared to the leading brand, which are at least twice the price for less active ingredients.

I think that the flavour is a bit better than the leading brand too because even my fussy dog is happy to eat these without having to hide them in cheese or the like.

Well worth swapping to this brand of joint supplements from the well known brand I think. None of my dogs have arthritis so I can't comment on the pain relief aspect but I give them joint supplements to keep them mobile and these tablets seem to be keeping them moving without issues which is great.

Really helped ease the wet food breath on my dog

I have a poodle that I take pride in as he smells of nothing! The one thing that really puts this achievement down is his breath. Brushing his teeth is very difficult as he does not like it at all and especially after he eats his breath is horrendous. And he's always in your face so this powder definitely has its place in his diet.

I was pleasantly surprised that this actually had a big impact to reduce the stench. It doesn't remove it completely but it does make it manageable. Hard to measure but this must have a positive impact on plaque build-up as bad breath generally comes from that. In addition - natural ingredients!

Vet Approved

Quality product that has natural ingredients and UK Manufactured! Love how they are chewable tablets so no issues in the dogs taking them down!

Great preventative Tablets!

Why wait for your dog to get arthritic issues - i love how this helps prevent such issues and ensures they have a great chance to live a good active life. Excellent customer service and delivery too.

Time will telll

The ingredients are great and fully natural and 100% Plant Based - so it's all good stuff. Only time will tell if we get the desired results! Great value for what you pay though.

Worth the money

You get 120 tablets which are great aand they last a long time. The ingredients are packed with really interesting benefits for joint - Vet Approved which is a big bonus!

Pup Supplement

We have a four month old dachshund who eats everything and anything, she has a habit of swallowing her food without bothering to chew it, yet these stumped her.
She took the hard, torpedo shaped tablet out of my hand and crunched it, then she did the unheard of, she spat it out ( this dog eats anything she can get in her mouth!) she then slowly ate the crunched up pieces, taking a fair few minutes to eat the tablet. This is most unlike her and I can only surmise that she wasn’t fond of the texture and size.
This reluctance in such a greedy dog may point to problems for fussy dogs who are more discernment than she is.

The tablets smell meaty, are packed full of proven ingredients which are known to be good for inflammatory and joint pain, infact I take the human version of these ingredients for my joint pain and swear by them!

Early Days

Got this for my collies as vet said they needed teeth cleaned £400 each not covered by insurance so saw this lot cheaper then vet treatment so I thoy give it a go first on second packed seems to b working their breath is better teeth beginning to show improvement
plaque does seem not so bad so far so good

Loves them

My 4 year old beagle loves them!! No problems getting her to take them as they are flavoured! She seems to recover after a hilly walk quicker! Glad I have them to keep her fit

Dog Supplement

What drawn me into this listing when it popped up on vine was the packaging and branding. I thought it was very eye catching and a really good way to intrigue people in who are searching for a particular product (in this instance dog joint aid supplements). The supplements arrived in tablet form and I believe are flavoured as my dog took them with ease in some sandwich meat. I’ve used this manufacturer before and there supplements do seem to work well (time will tell with these but I’ll be sure to update this review in a months time) you get plenty of supply in the pouch 120 tablets in fact which makes it very much value for money. Chuffed so far!

A decent supplement, especially for older dogs.

Neither of my dogs will eat these as they are so I need to cut them in half and wrap in ham or shove inside chicken pieces before they'll eat them. They're a bit large for my small dogs but easy to break in half.

My rescue dogs are 9 and 6 so re at an age of needing supplements to help them through their latter years. My Pomeranian has a collapsed trachea and luxating patella (he's 6), my 9 year old is a Shorkie and has luxating patella in one knee. The ingredients in these supplements may help prevent the patella issues deteriorate too quickly. I don't know their medical history so I have to assume these supplements are their first.

Dogs love it

Thought dogs wouldn’t take to the powder but they don’t seem to notice it. Seems to be working.

Very good

Don’t know what it tastes like as it’s for dogs not humans

Really easy to use

Really easy to use dog didn’t seem to mind the taste at all and really helped with his stinky breath!